Success Requires Reaction *LAST POST*

The main reason I created the blog is purely because I enjoy writing. With this in mind, I actually want people to read the content I post. So why is it I express controversial views whilst making myself out to be an ‘up-himself asshole’? To be honest, it isn’t because I am. I understand the line to what should and shouldn’t be said, though when writing on my blog I choose to ignore it.

See the thing is, nobody enjoys reading a boring text about ‘how my day went’ and if you do, I highly recommend you watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians. No. Instead, people enjoy reading a text that makes them think or gasp or be surprised at ect. I decided very early on that in order for my blog to be successful I need a reaction from the readers. Bad (or good) publicity is publicity after all.

After a year of my blog, I have successfully proved that point. Despite what people think about me and the content I post, people read it and came back, time and time again. Not only did people read my blog, but also talked about it, with the topic of conversation usually leading to how much of a dick I am. However, I realise it’s gone too far. There’s a difference between ‘controversial’ and making yourself look like an absolute egotistical snobby asshole – which many people would argue I still am.

It’s because of this reason, I am closing the blog. Yes I know I ‘closed’ it before and reopened again due to the itch of indirectly slagging people off (which I find hilarious), however this time it’s for certain. I think, though it may be an intense struggle, I can cope with not being able to write about stuff in order to avoid a bad reputation which I currently possess.

Is this the easy way out? Sure. But I’ve had my fun and have enjoyed every second of it.

.. also fuck you I meant every word I said and I am the best human being alive :-)


How To Be An Egotistical Snob

Step 1) Have a wash. Snobs can’t be unhygienic.

Step 2) Shoulders back, chest up, arms by your side and spine straight. Posture is key.

Step 3) When walking, flick your nose up and quickly pivot your head to anyone who you deem as ‘unworthy’ for eye contact.

Step 4 ) If eye contact occurs, make sure you out-stare the individual and do not look away until your opposition does. If you prematurely break eye-contact, you are assumed weak by the former.

Step 5) When in conversation, use bold, darting hand gestures with good diction and a range of tones. Speak your mind and be direct with your sentences.

Step 6) Find yourself a laugh that is fake, forced and short. This will be your new laugh.

Step 7) Always remember, you are the most important person in the room at all times.

and voila, you are a snob.

Who Wouldn’t Want to Hire Me Anyway?

I’m very picky in general, but when I take into account my place of work would be an area in which I’d spend the majority of my spare time in, I become extremely picky. And so, I recently handed out my CV to a couple of places I’d like to work in order to get a part time job. And yes, I still do the magic (which by the way I WILL NOT be giving up) but for the meantime, I just want something that’s more reliable.

So why am I writing this now? Well I only handed out my CV to 4 stores and only one of which replied, which also happened to be the one store where I really wanted to work.. Menkind. I went to the interview, my first, and I was put on the spot to literally sell products to the Manager and prove to her that I could persuade her (with the acting role of a customer) to buy a product. The interview was tough, real tough. I was asked little-to-no questions. My CV was almost totally dismissed. All the manager cared about was if I could improvise and sell a product that I’ve never seen before – which it turns out I could.

However, I was in doubt. I felt like I did good, probably my best but it just wouldn’t be good enough for the job. If I was the manager, I wouldn’t hire me. She asked me ‘when can I call you?‘ which I took as ‘when can I let you know you’re not working for us?‘. Yeah, I was gutted.

Well.. I got the job. Literally 10mins ago. I’m both proud and surprised, why was I even in doubt of failure?.. Who wouldn’t want to hire me anyway?

Why I chose Media Studies at Queen Mary’s College?

Why I chose Media Studies at Queen Mary’s College? I suppose the best way to answer this question would be to not only drag it out (seeing as I have over 500 words to cover), but to also give a little background information myself and to, of course, to actually answer the question. I guess this is turning out to be more of a rabble than an actual answer to my first homework, in which I have the pressurising task of ‘proving my student value and capabilities’ to Andrew, my Media Studies teacher, but I feel as if I should bring a little personality into it – in which case, a rabble is perfect.

One of the main reasons I chose Media Studies is my passion for media. Films, blogs and my innocent love for music often corrodes my heart into a fragile pulp. When the earphones go in, I’m in another world, my world, in that I can either isolate myself, contemplating the deep dark meanings of life, questioning how that we are an impossibility in an impossible universe… or in a more realistic world, in that I would so gracefully strut along the street to my favourite tune, whilst watching the Basingstoke folk walk by. Either way goes. Media Studies was a natural choice for me. I love entertaining and being entertained.

I also run a blog, not that I want to follow up journalism or anything, but more for the reason I enjoy writing and expressing my (sometimes harsh) opinion on a certain subject. Although let us be honest, who doesn’t love a good moan now and again? I find my blog the best way to express those somewhat obscure unfavourable feelings on taboo subjects to be a place to channel that energy, as well as, for the main reason of, I like to cause a little controversy now and again. I’m almost certain for that reason alone, suggests Media Studies would be the ideal place for me – someone who enjoys a good controversy.

As well as a blog, I also run a YouTube channel with just over 3500 subscribers. It is because of the content I produce on YouTube I am very familiar with using After Effects, producing anything from stylised typography to epic explosions. My three years on YouTube has consisted solely on using After Effects to produce my content, in which I have (quite sadly) won editing contests throughout the process. I believe brining my knowledge of After Effects into Media Studies would be highly beneficial for both my coursework and showing off the wonders of AE to others – much like Andrew Kramer (the host of Video Copilot) does too.

Finally, I have an interest in the subject. Despite the fact that I did not take it for GCSE, purely because my school did not offer it to us as an option, I am excited to expand my knowledge on Media as the contents of the course sounds just like my ‘cup of tea’.

So this was actually a homework assignment to my AS Media course but decided to post it on the blog, seeing as I’ve become really inactive recently. Hope you enjoyed :)

Friends? What Friends.

The time is here and we’re finally reaching the end of the summer holidays. Though I will be missing the pointless late-nights, pathetic lazy-days and the freedom to do whatever I want to do, when I want to do it, I am excited for college, as, I’m sure, many other people are too.

Everyone who I’ve spoke to has found this years summer holiday somewhat disappointing. It seems that all the ‘friendships’ have broken apart and people have decided to only stay in contact with others they actually like. I guess it just goes to show who your real friends are.. or were. In a way, it’s quite sad; a group of people that were so close in secondary school have now split up because they all secretly hated each other. I guess, at the end of the day, that’s just life, people will be coming and going all the time.

On a lighter note, why was the guitar teacher arrested?


For fingering A minor.

Disappointing Results

I was afraid. As soon as the brown envelope was delivered into my hands, the fear of having disappointing results hit me. I put off the feeling up until this point. It was the fear of having to retake my English and Maths GCSEs in college. The fear of all the long hours of work I put into revising being wasted. The fear of becoming a huge disappointment to both my family and myself. I was afraid.

However, I passed (except in Spanish but that’s basically a non-subject or whatever anyway).

I’m exactly where I wanted to be with my results. I mean sure, I could ask for better, but for me, my GCSEs weren’t about proving to the college I was ‘good enough’ for the courses they had to offer. Instead, it was about proving to myself that if I set my mind on something and worked hard enough, I could accomplish anything.

I realise now that if I want to achieve something, I gotta commit my very being to reach my goal. I gotta breathe it, I gotta eat it, I gotta sleep it. And if, only if, you get to that point, with your living consciousness being purely focused on that single goal, I guarantee you the world is yours, so work hard and you can have whatever it is you want.

The Types of People You Find in a Basingstoke School

*After frequent demand (not even joking), I have decided to do a repost*

So this post is more than likely to offend some people but before I start I’d just like to let you know, I mean every word of it.. and this is entirely fiction. Don’t get offended or think I’m targeting specific individuals because I’m not.

The Wannabe:
These are the kind of people you’d find slithering out of school between lessons, smoking, and just generally trying to be as ‘cool’ as possible. They usually stink mostly of smoke but sometimes weed, alcohol, sick or even cheapness because they are ‘too cool’ for life. Watch out for spit.

The Immature Kid:
You say ‘poo’ they’ll just keep laughing. Hanging around them, you’re more than likely to hear them say idiotic jokes about each others parents, and observe them doing retarded things. They know deep down they’re not funny and so they use immaturity to cover themselves up.

The Sarcastic Asshole:
Known for their shitstirring, either like them or hate them. Usually come back with snide comments or just general prickish responses. Most Sarcastic Assholes don’t care about what people think, which is why they’re sarcastic.. even teachers can be sarcastic.

The Dirty Drinker:
Mostly girls. A Dirty Drinker typically goes out every Friday and Saturday night to get pissed with friends – drunk enough so they don’t remember the night. Some carry properties of a Wannabe such as the stink.

The Swag Fag:
Always trying to find a reflective surface to check their looks. If not, they’ll check themselves in the mirror given the opportunity. Worries about hair and uses hairspray to stop their hair falling out of place. Bracelets (possibly anklets in severe cases) are usually found upon these people.

The Chilled Broski:
Not the most common to find, but Chilled Broski gets along with everyone. Has no worries or cares about school or anything that requires ‘too much effort’. Although they may sometimes be influenced by alcohol or drugs, they’re always feeling chill.

The Sweaty Sport:
Weights, gym, football, rugby, anything to do with exercise. Usually academically gifted but not always. Some take their diet seriously, others don’t.

The Hardcore Students:
These are the sort of people who are academically good at everything, except PE. Almost all are kind, trustworthy and do not offend other people (unless you get offended by looks). Only hang around with other ‘Neeks’.

The Loud Mouth:
Never shuts up. Leeks secrets, offends people and just generally loud. Their jokes told are sometimes funny, unless you’re on the receiving end. Just like The Sarcastic Asshole, you either like them or hate them.

The Faker:
Naive and fake in order to belong. Alone, they’ll act a totally different person when alone but in a group, spiteful and strong. The closer you are to them, the more they’re out to get you.

I understand you may view this as incredibly snobby and judgmental, fair enough. Like I said, this isn’t targeting anyone and take is as a joke.